Fertilizing Helps Lawns Grow and Stay Healthy

Cutting Edge Lawn Care & Landscaping: Your Expert in Apollo, PA

Everyone wants a great-looking lawn, and fertilizing will help. Sometimes, it can become a little less-than-perfect, with thin, brown grass looking unhealthy, scraggly, and rough. Regular fertilizing will fix this, and when customers want the best in fertilizing, they call Cutting Edge Lawn Care & Landscaping in Apollo, PA. We are your fertilizing experts. Call us today at (724) 567-7347 or contact us online for a free estimate on either residential or commercial fertilizing work in Apollo, PA; Murrysville, PA; Delmont, PA; or elsewhere in our area.

Fertilizing Makes Lawns Lush and Green Again

Do you want a rich, green lawn? Of course you do. Fertilizing is the key. It is important for a lawn’s overall health. As time passes, soil loses nutrients that need to be replaced. When we fertilize our customers’ lawns, we improve the soil quality by replacing these nutrients. This will make that lawn grow lush and healthy once again. Fertilizing is also a solution you can feel good about, because it is natural and does not harm the environment.

Cutting Edge Lawn Care & Landscaping Knows Fertilizing

When you choose to fertilize your lawn, make sure to choose Cutting Edge Lawn Care & Landscaping to do your fertilizing work. We are the area’s fertilizing experts. Our team has handled this since 2001, and in that time, we have gained a great amount of experience and knowledge. We know fertilizing, and we give our customers effective results. At Cutting Edge Lawn Care & Landscaping, we always use the best equipment and products.

We Have the Edge in Extraordinary Customer Service

We make customer service a top priority. Our team builds solid relationships with our residential and commercial customers to give them a significant personal experience. You will know who handles your fertilizing, so you can trust who handles your fertilizing. We are your experts in Armstrong County, PA; Westmoreland County, PA; Indiana County, PA; and eastern Allegheny County, PA. Turn to Cutting Edge Lawn Care & Landscaping.

We Are Your Full Service, Fully Insured Lawn Care Experts

Cutting Edge Lawn Care & Landscaping is the smart choice to secure your landscape’s natural beauty and give a lawn the edge. We are a full-service, fully insured lawn care and landscaping company, offering the following:
You can rely on Cutting Edge Lawn Care & Landscaping to handle all of your fertilizing.

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