Your Business Deserves Great-Looking Landscaping

Trim Commercial Areas with Cutting Edge Lawn Care & Landscaping

Countless business owners depend on Cutting Edge Lawn Care & Landscaping in Apollo, PA, for commercial mowing and lawn care, landscaping, fertilizing, hardscaping construction and retaining walls, and much more. If you own a business in Apollo, PA; Murrysville, PA; Delmont, PA; or anywhere else in our service area, you should turn to us, too. We are a full-service, fully insured lawn care and landscaping company that knows exactly how to give our customers the best results, leaving yards looking extraordinary. For your free estimate on our commercial lawn care and landscaping services, call us today at (724) 567-7347, or contact us online.

Depend on Cutting Edge Lawn Care & Landscaping for Mowing and More

Cutting Edge Lawn Care & Landscaping is your commercial yard care specialist. We offer a full slate of services for offices and businesses. In operation since 2001, we draw on our experience and knowledge to give our customers the best results. Our team pays attention to every detail, so you can be sure we will successfully secure your landscape’s natural beauty and keep it beautiful with every single visit.

We can handle every job, from simple mowing to trimming very difficult slopes.

Your lawn and garden will look outstanding when you depend on Cutting Edge Lawn Care & Landscaping for:

• Precision Mowing Services
• Lawn and Tree Care Services
• Vegetation Control for Fences, Utility Areas, and Gravel Driveways
• Mulching of Beds, Tree Rings, and Play Areas
• Snow Removal and Ice Management
• Shrub Pruning and Care
• Seasonal Cleanups

Make Your Dream Come to Life With Our Landscaping Work

In addition to our expert mowing and lawn care services, Cutting Edge Lawn Care & Landscaping can create a dazzling scene around office buildings and businesses with our exceptional landscaping work. We can create the perfect design to match our customers’ visions, and we work hard to make that vision a reality. Our team can install, as well as repair, these landscaping features:

• Rock and Stone Designs and Gardens

• Lawn Aerification Systems

• Tropical Gardens

• Desert Plants

• Soil and Sod

• Concrete

• Grass

• Brick

• Water Gardens and Ponds

• Sprinkler Systems

• Irrigation Systems

• Retaining Walls

• Exotic Plants

• Railroad Ties

• Native Plants

• Patios and Sidewalks

• Paths and Walkways

• Sand and Gravel

• Nursery Stock

• Pavers

• Stone

• Curbs

Businesses Demand Only the Best Equipment and the Best Products

Our team makes customer satisfaction its priority, so to help achieve that goal, we only use the best equipment and products. We use dependable Ventrac mowing equipment for our lawn care services. We also use the best mulch and rocks in our landscaping work. Our mulch comes from hardwoods, and our customers have the choice of dyed—which will give them long-lasting color all season—and undyed. Our decorative stone and rock come from locally-based supply yards. We also depend on Bauer and R.I. Lampus blocks and hardscaping materials. Both companies are local, and their products are high-quality and will make those retaining walls and hardscaping last. We use locally-sourced products, because we want the best for our customers.

Every Commercial Customer is Our Top Priority

Hard work, expertise, and great products and equipment are all building blocks, and we complete the Cutting Edge Lawn Care & Landscaping foundation with outstanding customer service. Our team strives to establish solid relationships to give our commercial customers a personal experience. You can trust us, because you will know us. Our commitment to go the extra mile gives us the edge in lawn care and landscaping in Apollo, PA; Murrysville, PA; Delmont, PA; and the surrounding areas. A big job or a small job, every customer is our top priority.

Trust Us for Every Lawn Care Need

Cutting Edge Lawn Care & Landscaping is a full-service lawn care and landscaping company, so to secure your landscape’s natural beauty and give you the edge, we also offer the following:

Residential Lawn Care and Landscaping

Excavation and Drainage Solutions

Retaining Walls and Hardscaping